Tuesday, May 10, 2011

he forgot me

skirt: F21, blouse: Ann Taylor, cardigan & heels: Target, apple: Washington

this picture is sort of twilight-y, no? with my pale skin, the apple, my scowl, etc.... i could totally be a vampire. then i would stay young and pretty forever. but maybe not because i don't think drinking blood can be done tactfully and gracefully.

i was NOT in a good mood this morning and here's why: JJ went out and said "i'm off to get creamer for coffee!" and came back 15 minutes later with starbucks. starbucks for himself. and not for me. NOT. COOL. he didn't even ask if i wanted any. and so while he happily sipped, i glared. thanks for forgetting a passion tea lemonade for your wife, douchebag. the good thing about this is he felt really badly and now he owes me...fingers crossed it's a package of purple skittles when i get home.

also, i got an email saying our bank account fell below zero. WHAT?! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?! NOOOOO! i panicked. and went right to our online account to hunt down the discrepancy. adfjasldjflaksdjfl;kasdfljk here is the story...........

i ordered JJ's biggest birthday present last thursday on Amazon. a wonderful, lovely birthday present. and you see, it was perfect. because my credit card information is stored on my Amazon account. therefore, i would not have to retrieve Hello Kitty from her new home inside the NO! envelope in my car. kind of cheating, i know, but JJ needs a birthday present, and i can't just order it from our joint account! he would see! WELL TOO BAD BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED OUR CHECKING ACCOUNT WHEN I CHECKED OUT OF AMAZON. so i overdrafted AND yelled to JJ "NO! YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!" and his ears perked up. and i told him not to look at our bank account because it says right on there what the gift is. but i know my husband. he is going to be sneaky. so now his birthday is ruined and we have negative dollars in our bank account. i mean, the THINGS i have to deal with!!!! (don't worry mom, we really don't have negative dollars in our bank account...overdraft protection saved us).

just please. i can't even deal with my own idiocracy today. i just want everything to be MY way. i want a puppy. and hair extensions. and YSL lipstick. a pink barbie car. and spaghetti and some wine and a rainbow.


  1. you look like a vampy librarian in that outfit with that apple!

  2. i want extensions, wine & a rainbow too! coincidence?!?!

  3. hahahaha very vampiric! and you're probably right about the whole blood drinking thing. you could always just steal it from a blood bank or whatever.


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