Tuesday, May 3, 2011

hello deer

skirt: BCBG, tee: Forever21, cardi: Target, belt: TJ Maxx, shoes: Issac Mizrahi for Target

woooooooooooweeeeeeeee. i've been walking up to my co-workers today and saying "hello deer!" and pointing to my own shirt. heheheheeeee i'm so funny i could die.

sorry i was ABSENT yesterday. i was ahem....not feeling my best. stagecoach was AWESOME. it was me, JJ, Nel and her husband B, Doo and her boyfriend Lard Dog, and Nel's bff Wynn. top moments:

  • going to the casino and having the guitarist give me his pick.
  • trying to "race" JJ up the escalator. ate shit and lost a shoe. 
  • Doo donating $100 to the casino. gahhh!
  • telling the boys that we had a "shopping trip" planned which was really code for "getting new tattoos" but sadly, it never happened. wah.
  • cheeseballs. 
  • Nel & i winning cowboy boot shaped koozies.
  • Nel & Wynn becoming "vagitarians" which means they do not eat any meat that starts out as an animal coming out of a birth canal. (i.e. cow and pig are a no-no, but poultry is ok. born from eggs). hilarrrrrrr
  • wearing a romper to stagecoach. okay. NO ONE wants to be naked inside of a port-a-potty. baaaaad outfit choice, L. 
  • playing beersbee (which is a frisbee drinking game. don't make me explain)
  • drawing a good ol 5 while playing kings cup....."i've never...."
  • B running into a tree.
  • talking in English accents all night
  • Taco Bell for breakfast
  • Lard Dog tinkling in his pants on accident
  • Doo & Wynn's flip cup championship
  • the slabs of concrete called "beds" that we had to sleep on
  • my stand-up of a guy husband being very patient with all the drunks. he's a real catch :)
in other news, i picked up Cleo from my co-worker's house. and she promptly ignored me the whole night. i think because i took her away from her new bff wiener dog Sammy.

i told JJ "well.....maybe that just means we need to get another dog to be Cleo's friend...he he he"

anyway, we had a blast! but it was good to get home and sleep in our own soft bed. and yesterday was not ideal. i quite looked like Courtney Love on a bad day.


  1. i have the owl shirt from the same line at f21!! i loooove it. so soft. and the animals are too cute.

  2. I want to see a picture of the Courtney Love look!

  3. Hahahah English Accents! Reminds me of that one NYE.

  4. Thats what I just thought Laura!! Loving the English accents, I'm sure you sounded just like they do here =)


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