Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hippie skirt

skirt: Jonathan Saunders for Target, top: H&M, boots: BCBG

this skirt is like, whoaaa, so psychadelic dudeeeee!

we have been going to bed early every night this week. EARLY. like before 9. that is ridiculous. that is old lady and old man status. tonight we are forcing ourselves to make it until 10. we'll see how that goes. 

i went to TJ Maxx on my lunch break. BECAUSE I HAD BIRTHDAY GIFTS TO BUY!! don't judge me. they had just gotten a new shipment. and i only bought one teensy weensy thing for myself: an enormous and tres chic black beach hat. ooh la la. i felt like an old Hollywood movie star when i put it on. and i wore it all around the store until check out. and even the cashier said, "oh wow! great hat!" and other than that hat, i have been doing PRETTY well with the whole "stop spending too much money on myself" thing.

i left early to go to work that i could treat myself to a wednesday egg and cheese biscuit and hashbrown from mcd's. and let me tell you, it was delicious. i enjoyed every savory bite. 


also i think Cleo mistook my toe for a sausage this morning. because she bit it. hard. and she's never ever done that.

if you love Michael Scott you need to watch this


  1. I hate you for always looking so cute! Do you ever have an off day?

  2. you look hot and i love ncd's breakfast

  3. omggggg yes i have off days all the timeee! (i.e. the days i don't blog...hahahaha usually i'm wearing sweats!)

  4. Ha! You probably look cute in sweats too...


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