Thursday, May 5, 2011

mexican food & fredgies

 slacks: Theory, blouse: Amanda Uprichard, tank: Wet Seal, shoes: Target

how very forlorn and pensive i look in this picture...


and how festive and cinco-de-mayo-ish do i look in this one?? cinco de mayo ALWAYS makes me miss college the most. sighhhhh.

today at lunch, a big group of us when to one of the college cafeterias and it was SO FUN! i got two giant plates of food. i had three potato taquitos, a tamale, some quesadilla, rice and beans and also i ate my weight in sour cream. SO DELICIOUS! and they even had authentic Aztec native dancing and drumming. totally awesome. only now my stomach is very angry and i had to unbutton my pants to let my belly breathe. also i have major blimp foot from walking so far to the cafeteria. but it was totally worth it.

so i was in the basement this afternoon, headed to the mailroom when i felt a massive fredgie coming on. and i mean it was a gnarly, painful one. this fredgie was way up in the throes of my womanhood. i looked to my left, looked to my right--no one. so i stopped in the hallway to free my vag from suffering. then i looked up. #&$@*!#$% CAMERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. i'm caught on camera picking my fredgie.

have a shot of tequila for me tonight! arriba!!!

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