Monday, May 9, 2011

monday trump hair

pants: Forever21, tee: MaterialGirl @ Macy's, ballet flats: BCBG

that's my living room. i really like it. do you see that coffee table? it's an antique. JJ hates it. when i brought it home he said, "where did you get this? the dump?"

first things first, i'm glad most of my readers are not port-a-potty shy! good for you for pooping when you gotta poop! yeee! today's poll is a little boring. but it's because i really really REALLY hate ear buds. like i get bruised ears every time i use them. so i have those hot pink obnoxious skull candy over-the-head-phones...and i love them. it's like two little pillows for my delicate ears. i'm just curious to see if others have my problem!

my hair is quite Donald-Trumpish today. like, SRSLY. i slept on it wet last night. and woke up with a strong-willed little tuft of hair across my forehead. i tried to hairspray and manipulate it into a more appropriate way (i currently dislike Trump more than usual due to his pathetic little political charade) but alas, my hair simply would not oblige. so i embraced the Trump-ness of it:


this weekend was a whirlwind! i DID end up going out on friday. i met up with two girls from work at the "brews & blues" festival in Claremont. and Cleo came with me. it was fun. only this is how dumb i am. i got lost walking back to my car. well, i should say Cleo and i got lost. aren't dogs supposed to track and remember where they have been?? why didn't she lead me in the right direction? she is worthless for more than one reason. but cute. so it's ok. anyway, got totally lost and a little nervous, so i stuck my keys in between my fingers in case i needed to slice an attacker's face open. luckily i made it back safely. 

saturday i cleaned and cooked spaghetti sauce. then i lounged around. then Cleo and i went to the park. then i went to dinner and the Quakes game with Nel. totally fun!

sunday morning i picked up great aunt Catherine the nun and drove us to my nephew's first communion. this is how great of a wife i am: i spent ALL day with JJ's family, and he wasn't even there! (just kidding, i love his family, and had quite a nice day). my mom called to thank me for her mother's day present. i got her an ultra-zoom mirror. it's what she wanted. but seriously i don't even want to know what i look like in an ultra-zoom mirror...most likely it's ugly. realllll ugly. 

anyway, once again, Cleo was snuck into church (holy dog!) for the communion and then again into JJ's mom's LMU graduation (masters in theology! go Anne!) and during the commencement prayer, Cleo took a massive #2. (not-so-holy-dog, thank the LORD i had a doggie poo bag). then we went to JJ's sister S's house where we partied the day away. i was wearing thigh-high socks and a dress so i have a stupid 3-inch sunburn stripe on both my legs and Cleo got fat on droppings of shortbread cookies and carne asada (in fact, i'm praying that when i get home from work today that i don't find doggie diarrhea). then it was home to be with JJ who was just getting off work! we all passed out at 8:40 p.m. 

and today it is 70 degrees in Selah and it is 62 in the Cucamongross. how is that fair? southern California is supposed to be warm. i should never have to wear pants in May. blasphemy.


  1. That is hilarious, I love that you posted a photo in the same pose as the trump man himself. Very good laugh, thank you! :)

  2. love the trump impression hahah

    and i have the same earbud issue. ugh and i FUDGINHATEIT when im running trying to be all awesome and fitness-y and my earbuds fall out. annoying.

    have a fab day! ;)

  3. Lol
    You made me laugh at a moment when I needed it. Your Trump hair, can I say dahling, is almost perfect ;-)
    You made the most of it though- maybe you would have started a new trend- if he didn't have the idea first ;-)

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