Friday, May 27, 2011

off to selah i fly

 skirt: UO, top: Ross, boots: BCBG, sunglasses: Gucci/gift from Mimi

going homeeeeeeee today! JJ is picking me up from work to go to the airport very soon. and i literally only packed like 4 items of clothing because my suitcase is filled with presents for everyone. i'm so excited to have alone time with my book. i hope i don't get an annoying chatterbox next to me. is that rude? 

i have such a jammed pack weekend, starting at 7 a.m. tomorrow. wheee! i cannot wait to see my family and my best friends. it will be glorious. and on the way home Nel and i have the same flight from Seattle to Cucamongross. so we are going to sit in the Alaska terminal sipping red wine and eating chowder from Anthony's--which will make the sad trip back SO much more endurable (sad only because i hate to say goodbye to my WA treasures). 

Cleo totally knew i was leaving her. after JJ and i left the apartment with my suitcase she totally freaked out and ran out to the balcony and screamedddd. it was so pitiful. poor little puppers. 

you guys. HAVE to try the sally hansen salon effects nail strips. srsly. AMAZING. i got the "kitty, kitty" ones. so cool! and they are supposed to last for 10 days. something you should know about me: i HATE mani/pedis. sometimes i will go if a friend invites me, but be sure that i am not enjoying it. it's like, NO STOP TICKLING MY FEET AND RIPPING OUT MY HANGNAILS! and STOP talking shit about me in a foreign language. i just would rather paint my own nails and so i do. so these sally hansen strips are my poor man's manicure that i can do myself and get a nice "salon effect" without actually having to go to a salon. 
my cuticles look like shit. PROBABLY BECAUSE I NEVER GO TO THE NAIL SALON. but doesn't the polish look fabulous? i know, thanks.

happy memorial day weekend you guys, have a blast.


  1. Its sunday night again and no posts this weekend again! Come on, give us a post, undies, sweats, anything!!! :)

  2. Ohh Carlon Park...I will never forget that scent of weenies and popcorn. I'm surprised we didn't get fat!


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