Tuesday, May 17, 2011


sweater: Go International @ Target, skirt: F21, belt: Gap, heels: Italy

it's raaaaaiiiinnnnnning today. and it's chilly outside. so i decided to dress like a pumpkin. but really, what do you wear a giant orange sweater with? you wear black. so you automatically look like halloween. that's just the reality of it. people keep telling me they love my sweater today. and i'm not sure that if it's really that they love my sweater...or more of a OHMYGOD THAT SWEATER IS LOUD AND BRIGHT AND I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT BUT I SHOULD SAY SOMETHING NICE! do you know what i mean? and i absolutely hate orange. but i loved how big and chunky and soft this $6.98 clearance sweater was. so i had to have it. blondes look terrible in orange, but i still adore it.

last night i ate fancy cheese and bread for dinner like a European. and a klondike ice cream sandwich for dessert like a fat American. which reminds me of a joke:

if you're an American outside of the bathroom, what are you inside of the bathroom? European. get it? you're-a-peein' hahahahahhaahhahahaahhhh hilar. love it.

also last night i watched SLOTAT. it's getting really good. like soap opera good. i'm so addicted. and i don't know what i'm going to do when i'm all caught up and actually have to wait until monday nights to watch it live on TV.

and this morning my darling husband made us coffee in tumblers and we took Cle for a nice chilly morning stroll. it was lovely! 

and lastly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMMMZ! you're going to love your pressie. 

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