Monday, May 16, 2011

the solution

slacks: Theory, blouse: Richard Chai for Target, sweater: gift from Rah/JCP, heels: Target

do you feel like maybe i'm trying to seduce you in this picture? because i totally am. 

hungover housewife came back this week. although she was late, she still managed to get her drunk ass out of bed and onto the deck for some housework because her mother scolded her.

this weekend was a whirlwind! JJ's big bday present was an espresso machine! he heeeee! he absolutely loves it and practically jumps out of bed into the kitchen to make the morning coffee. on friday JJ picked me up from work and we went to sushi and on to the dodger game! woohoo! it was so cold. and JJ forgot to bring my "baseball game clothes" so i was stuck in my work outfit all night, looking like a glamorous movie star without a jacket. poor me. we got home really late and there was a birthday package on the stoop (shutup i like the word stoop) for JJ from my parents! on saturday we woke up, had ice cream cake (another surprise from me to him) for breakfast and lazed around the house, cleaning and relaxing. then we went to the movie 'bridesmaids' where we enjoyed popcorn for lunch and died laughing at the food poisoning scene. (final verdict: funny movie, tad overrated) saturday afternoon consisted of me trying to hide the fact that there was going to be a surprise party for JJ on sunday afternoon in our apartment. you see, his whole family was to come over to celebrate. except i got awkward when i tried to run errands without him. so he accompanied me to the liquor store where we stocked up. we had taco bell for dinner and more ice cream cake for dessert. so, to sum that up, that was ice cream cake for breakfast, popcorn for lunch, taco bell for dinner and ice cream cake for dessert. what a nutrient-filled saturday! poor JJ was up at 3 a.m. demanding tums and toilet paper. 

sunday morning we ventured to the grocery store with Cleo. where we bought food. and when we were driving home, i said, "wow, it really smells like a barbecue!" and JJ agreed. it wasn't until we pulled into our apartment complex that i noticed Cleo had shat on the floor of the passenger side. three giant logs and a puddle of piddle. how i managed to avoid the turds from getting into the crevices of my uggs is beyond my comprehension of luck. but srsly. we didn't smell shit, we smelled barbecue. WTF? so now my car smells like dog wee. akdjflaskdf

sunday afternoon JJ's family "surprised" him one by one.  we had 10 people total shoved into our one-bedroom apartment. it was quite the circus. we went to red robin for dinner and back to our place for more cake. it was a wonderful time. and today i'm wearing pants because i need to impress the candidates who are competing for the job as my potential new boss. and HOLY SHIT my pants are SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG! i could barely button them this morning. and so the obvious solution was to choose jack in the box for lunch. where i got two soy meat tacos, curly fries and diarrhea. voila. my pants fit again.


  1. Ugh! Too cute! Sounds like you had a fun weekend! You look like youre having a fun time even when youre sweeping the patio!

  2. Total sexy seductive look, hahaha you look adorable.


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