Wednesday, May 25, 2011

thanks 8 ball

skirt: F21, sweater: Old Navy, belt/heels: TJ Maxx

OMG who do i think i am with that ass, Kim Kardashian?! booooooooootylicious. which is fine with me considering my tiny hiney is usually the butt of everyone's jokes (PUN INTENDED!)

my blog post is late today because i forgot to bring my camera cord to work BLURG! (Liz Lemon anyone...??) i was so annoyed with myself for forgetting. 

today was a hyper hump day. first, my coworker Marsh brought me a lemon from her tree in her backyard and it's twice the size of my fist! so i got to enjoy lemon slices in my water all day, which was very thrilling. 

hmmm let's see, what else was i hyper about....??

OH FUDGING YEAH-- I'M TAKING 6 DAYS OFF WORK AT THE BEGINNING OF JULY FOR MY SISTER M'S WEDDING (i'm already starting to tear up at the thought of it) AND....THEN ON TO AN IMPROMPTU VACAY TO SPOKANNDYLAND TO SEE MY RAHHHHHHHH (and Nebular, Francois, Benjamin Pierre, and Sand, Sweet E, Min, CP and M, S and Baby P and Dee) i was supposed to go back home after M's wedding but Rah sent me this:

and, well, i can't just NOT listen to the 8-ball. SO i just SWITCHED my flight back to the Cucamongross. instead i am flying from M's wedding in Oregon straight to Spoke. eeeeee!! i'm TRES excited. i cannot cannot wait. it's going to be the best 10 days ever. the sad part is JJ can only be there for 3 days. and Cleo, 0 days. she will be staying behind in socal.

i was so hyper after i booked this trip that i had to run in place for 4 minutes in my office to burn off some energy. and then the rest of the day was a blissful breeze. 



  1. AHAHAHAHAAH, L SHUT UP I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm just dying to sit on Rah's deck, under the pergola and sip bellinis. thrilled!! (running in place to burn excitement as we speak :)

  2. asl;kdghlashglkhal;dg;lkhsaglk;hsa gd


    Shutup you two 'running in place to burn excitement' L-O-L.

    PS - loving that you posted the Magic 8 Ball. LOVING.

  3. i love how you used the magic 8 ball. i might have to do that. :) i love this outfit too, its ok your booty looks good in the skirt! lol.


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