Monday, May 23, 2011

there's a bieber fan everywhere

socks: Target, tube top: Wet Seal, everything else: BCBG

this BCBG dress was $7. SEVEN DOLLARS. and it's actually a top. a size XL. but i loved it. so i belted it and made it a dress. i look totally mean in the first picture.

i'm going HOME this weekend! i'm very excited! for my sister M's bachelorette party and wedding shower that i planned. i hope it's as cute as it is in my head. and SHUT UP I LIKE WEDDING SHOWER GAMES. everyone else hates them. JJ and Cleo are staying behind, but i'm excited to spend my three day weekend in little ol Selah.

i went to target today on my lunch break to get some shower things for M and while perusing the scrapbook aisle, i heard someone loudly singing Justin Bieber's "Baby" and i was dying...because it definitely did not sound like a tween and because you'd think any other genre of human would be embarrassed to be singing Justin Bieber's "Baby" in the middle of a Target. i had to know. i rounded the corner...MIDDLE AGED ASIAN MAN! MIDDLE AGED ASIAN MAN! LOLOLOLOL i peed a little.

thank GOD monday went by fast and thank GOD the rapture didn't happen and thank ABC that the bachelorette premieres tonight.


  1. you look so sassy! and i'm ashamed to admit that i think that baby song is very catchy...but i'm not a belieber or w/e you want to call it.

  2. hawt! can't wait to see you face!!!

  3. U look adorable! Ill secretly admit that I like a few Beiber songs, but dont tell anyone!

  4. i LOOOVEEEEEEE justin bieber & I pee'd a lil when he got onstage in his fabulous gold sparkly jacket @ the billboard awards.


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