Monday, May 23, 2011

what i wore on saturday

linen pants: Rave, top: TJ Maxx, sandals: JCP

i have a few readers who get mad at me when i don't post on weekends. it's not that i hang around naked all day. it's just that JJ is usually gone and there's no one to take my pictures! i need a tripod. i had to invent a contraption with our wedding album, 2 coasters and 1 stuffed dog toy to prop the camera up in order to take this single shot. 

anyway, this is what i wore to get my hair done on saturday. i was comfy. 

and after that i went to Nel's house where she whipped up a delicious meal for ourselves (with the leftovers to our husbands). our other friend Jewel and her sweet sweet daughter (who cries every time i try to talk to her, it KILLS me. all i want is to be friends with the little nugget. but she's a mama's girl!) came over too and we drank wine and did fatbooth pictures and peed our pants laughing. the funniest was of Jewel's daughter's fatbooth. there's just something hilariously wrong with a 1-year-old who has 4 chins...

we met up with Doo at the game and we all sat together and chatted during the excruciatingly long 9 innings. then came the fireworks! wheeee!

on sunday Nel picked me up to go shopping :) i exchanged some birthday gifts for JJ and i only bought ONE thing for myself: Donna Karan Cashmere deodorant. and honestly. it was the best money i ever spent. it works SOOOOOOO WELL and smells like a dream. JJ hates it because it prolongs the time from shower to shower.

on the way home Nel stopped at in n out for me so i could get a giant Chocolate Mistake (i.e. milkshake) and it was so delicious. i had a very very angry tummy ache afterwards, BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

weekends are just too fast.

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  1. Ugh! You even look cute on the weekends. And hey, even if you did sit around naked all weekend, Im sure nobody would mind if you took pics! lol


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