Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's on L's Phone?!

that is a doughnut. the best doughnut i have ever eaten. in my life. this is the doughnut that was on the corner of my lip when my boss came into my office this morning. she did one of those awkward hand gestures towards her own mouth to alert me. DOH! thank you to Gilbug my sweet coworker who brought it to me. i love herrrrrrr!

this is Cleo PTFO in the car after her fun-filled sunday afternoon.

i was cleaning out an old purse and found this. it's a hairclip that belongs to the little girls i used to nanny. it made me cry. i miss themmmm! so i clipped it into Cleo's hair until i wasn't sad anymore.

this is the thing that JJ hates most in the world. when my toenails aren't painted. like, that is the weirdest thing to hate, right?! i was bored last week and decided to annoy him. i picked all the polish off my big toe and took a picture and sent it to him. he replied instantly with "EWWWWWW L! THAT IS DISGUSTING!" hahahaha. but it can't be worse than that one time i sent him a picture of my shart. he was really really really REALLY mad at me for that one. 

red roses from Gilbug's garden! they are so dark. they are like gothic roses.

a classic example of Blimp Foot. hahahahahaa. this is what happens when you wear mary janes all day and your foot gets swollen and achy. then you take your mary jane off, and you have a red, irritated stripe across your foot. 

Cleo "hiding"

this was at Anne's graduation. moments before the idiot dog took a crap during the commencement prayer.

this is our car insurance bill. my mom sends them to me with highlighter happy faces. like, what the hell is EVER happy about a car insurance bill? thanks anyway, mom. loveya!

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