Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

you should play too!

 L mug.


 MM had her state fastpitch tournament this weekend. i went to watch her play (she hit a home run! woohoo!) ...this is where LJ and i spent the entire summer of 02. in the Selah Carlon Park concession stand. listening to Vanessa Carlton and eating popcorn dipped in nacho cheese.

 cute Mom takin' a snooze. notice that the couch cushions are off...that's because HANK ATE TWO BAGS OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND BARFED THEM UP ALL OVER THE COUCH! that sonofabitch.

 Lola666 can be cute when she wants to. especially if you are eating her favorite thing (pita chips) and thinks maybe you'll give her a nibble.

 my new Washington necklace! it came at just the right time...JJ set the package on my nightstand so i opened it right when i got home from the airport and right when i was missing my home state.

 this is a plate that i made when i was 4. i love that i drew myself with a bald head.

 JJ got my dad and M's fiance CB Quakes hats. they're so awkward. and we have had that toy gun for years. WHO buys a family of 4 girls a toy gun?? and WHY do my parents still have it? and WHY does everyone still play with it?!?! seriously every time i come home i end up picking it up and messing around with it. wtf?!

 Hank excreting the last of the chocolate chips out of his system.

 my sister (in pink headband) MM was in the paper! her team got 4th place, but she's crying because they didn't get to go to the championship game.

 PPPEEEOOONNNIIIEEESSS! i love them i love them i love them more than anything in life!

 Chanel doing what she does best. eating.

 my sister M all dressed up in her bachelorette garb. and yes, that's a penis maraca.

 Cleo on the way to the airport. what a cute puppers. everyone who passes us in the car giggles. it's hard not to. she's adorable!

this was in my daily devotional book. "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22. about the most true statement i've ever heard.

NELLARDDDDDDD i miss this fatcat


  1. love the necklace where did you get it!!!!??

  2. There are two things that I would steal from you if I could:

    1. the purple patina envelope clutch
    2. the bcbg "biker" boots (if only they were in my size)

  3. LOVE the big watch in your lemon pic. Rah is so clever ;)

  4. Wherever did you get the ginormous boobs that show in your top pic? Don't quite remember those! But you did a fabuloso job on the shower and the bachelorette party -- makes me sooo proud of you!


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