Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the 82 dollar makeup run

pants: Abercrombie, top: Gap, heels: Jessica Simpson, sunglasses: Target, necklace/bracelets: F21

last night Nel and i partook in a happy hour at Lucille's. that's one vegetarian and one vagitarian dining out at a barbeque joint. hahahh we got big beers and cheese fries and onion straws and spinach artichoke dip. it was delightful. then we went shopping at The Vic. where i proceeded to spend $82 on makeup. 

let me begin. Nel asked me what shade of bare minerals i was. i said "medium." she said, "OH NO! that's what the girl at sephora matched me to as well! except i went into the bare minerals store and they said that NO ONE, literally no one is a medium. you need to go in there to have them match your skin to the right shade." 

TURNS OUT I WAS USING A SHADE FIT FOR A LATINA! so basically my makeup just looked shitty everyday ever since i got bare minerals. i was the girl with the orange face and the white neck. SONOFABITCH. SO, the girl matched me. to Fairly Light (me and Eward Cullen wear the same shade). and it's so so light. so light. the proper shade. so she put it on my whole face. and then she put sparkly mineral veil on top of that. and then she put on a shimmer blush in a shade called Vintage Peach (could you die at that name?) and i looked in the mirror and was all "HOT DAMN WHO IS THAT BABE?!?!" i looked like a forest fairy nymph. i'm not even kidding. so i said, "I'LL TAKE IT ALLLL!!!!" and then Nel made me get shampoo for my brushes. apparently it's gross not to wash them, like, ever. pshhh! (but srsly you guys, Nel was right. because i washed them last night and this morning it was like putting makeup on with a rabbit's tail. i'm not joking. SO SO EFFING SOFT). 

and that's how i spent $82 on makeup last night.

*note: last night i also converted Nel to Gap undies! that's going to be my poll next week--"have i converted you to Gap undies??" if i haven't, you are missing out on life's greatest luxury.


  1. So I have a confession. And don't take this the wrong way...but for the last week since I started reading your blog I've made my boyfriend read at least 4 posts because they are freaking hilarious. And I thought you should know you've been makin' my day and I'm spreading the laughter!

  2. You always look incredible, and you crack me up!!!


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