Thursday, June 23, 2011

b spears!

pants: Abercrombie, top: Hollister, jacket: American Eagle, belt: J.Crew, shoes: Zara

this is High School L, you know, with all the abercrombie and hollister and american eagle. i didn't even mean to do it. i just felt like being preppy today. 

tonight Nel and i made dinner. well, she made dinner and i drank the wine. she made a polenta bake. i have never before had polenta. it's delish! after we ate dinner we were chatting and then we...BOUGHT TIX TO BRITNEY SPEARS TMRW NIGHT AND A HOTEL ROOM OMG! aren't we so hip? fly by the seat of our pants hip? so cool.

after dinner we went to the Quakes game and brought the men dinner. we sat next to a man who had a neck piercing. and his friend literally had not washed his jorts since 2001. sooooooo, yeah. gross. after the game we ran into our adoptive team son. and i was just totally and completely awk. i said "WELL HELLO THERE J MIKE!" like we were old friends. his name is john michael. j mike is his nickname. he looked at my like i was a cleat-chaser. then i shoved my face in his face and was all "HELLO! we, me and Nel, are your team Mothers! oh and OMFG DO YOU LIKE OUR WEIRD GIFTS?!!?" and he grimaced and said, "oh yeah--i played horse shoes on the last road trip, thanks." (what? nothing about the socks or the deck of cards or the dumb & dumber dvd or the tony the tiger tee?!?!?!) it was such an unnecessarily long and awkward exchange. and i had my hair in a pony and i was wearing a backpack and long shorts and converse and a Quakes sweatshirt. so basically i looked 14. and Nel looked 14 and a half. we lose. sigh. 

it's weekend time tomorrow! yeee!

oh and one more thing...


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  1. That outfit is adorable! You're so pretty! I just found your blog through my friend, Larissa, and I love it! following you. =]


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