Thursday, June 16, 2011

bark in the ballpark

pants: Ross, tee: Material Girl @ Macy's, shoes: UO

i sort of look like a mime in this outfit, no?

these pants are so ridiculously comfortable. i love them. 
last night was Bark in the Ballpark at the Quakes stadium so Nel and i took Cleo. she (Cleo, not Nel) pranced around the concourse and made out with every dog she saw. she is SO miss congeniality! she had a blast. and per usual, she took a shit right in the middle of the walkway, so i had to hand my beer off to Nel while i picked up her poop. 

we sat on the first base side drinking and eating funfetti cookies (OMG those are so effing good--i die) and chatting, and i was letting Cleo roam around as far as her leash would allow. at one point i looked over to see where she had wandered off to, and there she was, leash pulled taut as far as it would possibly go, laying down and stretching with her tongue sticking out. i leaned over and looked closer to see what she was trying to reach. OHMYGOD SOME GUY'S FRENCH FRIES. MY DOG WAS LICKING SOME GUY'S FRENCH FRIES. i yanked the dumb pooch back--too late. guy saw her. only guy thought it was funny. so he pushed the french fries towards her. she ate a few more. 

turns out they were garlic fries. she's got some mad rrhea and stanky ass breath today. i'd say Bark in the Ballpark was a success. 


  1. So glad it wasn't Nel who prances about the concourse making out with every dog she saw! You pick good friend, Lace.

  2. Those are the ugliest pants I've ever seen.

  3. anonymous you're a fuckin bitch.


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