Thursday, June 2, 2011

black widows

jeans: F21, top: Rave, jacket: Kohl's, shoes: Marshall's

you guys i'm so crazy lately. i'm doing training for my job, so there isn't any extra free time to blog, go figure. 

our apartment is falling apart. first JJ's closet, and last night the closet door that opens to our washer and dryer just fell off. like i opened it and it ran off the hinges and i was just holding it. garggghhhh. 

after the maintenance man had such a nice time "working with Cleo" while fixing JJ's closet, he failed to reattach the support bar. so JJ was only able to hang up like three items of clothing before it started bowing. i mean. just please. so his wardrobe is just sort of laying in an annoying pile at the bottom of his closet. last night JJ grabbed his pajama of shorts with the lobsters on them from his annoying pile and started shaking them vigorously. for like 70 seconds. i just stared at him and raised one eyebrow. he caught me staring and got all defensive and said "WHAT?!" and i said, "really, you need to shake your shorts vigorously for 70 seconds?" and he said, "L, LEAVE ME ALONE. THESE SHORTS HAVE BEEN LAYING ON THE GROUND IN MY CLOSET, I'M SHAKING THE BLACK WIDOWS OUT." 

i, WHO is he?!?!?!?!? black widows?!?! really!??!!? REALLY?!?!?!


  1. seriously laughing out loud. he is too much. I think you should have ended this one with that pic of him in his boxers pre-Rah's wedding. I mean...really boxers in pro wedding pics? only your hubby :)

  2. LOLOLLLLLLLLLLL jer hates the spideys!

    PS - that picture is my FAVORITE.

  3. Ew I hope no black widows fell out! That would be the worst.


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