Monday, June 6, 2011

butt comfort is important

skirt: UO, tee: Target, sweater: GO International, socks: Kate Spade, boots: MIA

my monday flew right by, whaddaya know?! was busy training at work again. keep your fingers crossed for me, would love some good career vibes!

today we ran out of two essentials: poo paper and toothpaste. and do you want to know what a pack of 24 rolls (target brand) cost me today? $12.59. that's a LOT of money for our butts' comfort, don't you think?

i have joined a bookclub. well, Rah, Sand and i created one. The Bookish Bitches is what we're called. and we are reading one book a month this summer. each of us gets to choose once book, and we are going to three-way video chat (not sure yet if this is actually a possibility) and discuss the book with a bottle glass of wine. doesn't that sound lovely? even better, once we finish the book, the person who chose it has to buy the other two a small related-to-the-book gift as a prize for finishing. HOW FUN!? i'm excited. the books? A Summer Affair, Wanderlust and The Postmistress. can you tell we enjoy a good smutty summer beach read?? heheehe.


  1. you should coupon. i get paid to buy toothpaste. and butt paper.... i get it for about $3.00

  2. GENIUS!!! i want to make a book club!! that sounds awesome. and i always enjoy prizes being involved in anything, so good call.

  3. Cool blog!! Your outfit is trendy and looks comfortable; definitely a great combo.

  4. we are geniuses! So thrilled for our book club!! (and sending out your scandalous pressies- planning now ;)


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