Friday, June 10, 2011

carson daly the life ruiner

 jeans: Gap, blouse: William Rast @ Target, boots: no idea, belt: Target, bag: TJ Maxx

that leather ballet pink bag was one of the best finds of my life. i got it at the TJ Maxx at home. a strap needed to be repaired at a leather shop, but it was so worth it. i'm obsessed. it's perfect.

ok so there's this morning radio show in southern California that carson daly hosts. and on fridays they do this horrible terrible thing. a woman calls in and says she suspects her husband of cheating on her. so they call the husband and say, "hey! you won a free bouquet of flowers that you can send to anyone!" and then the guy says a name. this morning the guy said "becky." only becky isn't his wife's name. so carson says "hey, actually this is carson daly and we have your wife here..." and the wife said "WT{BLEEP}?! WE HAVE A SON TOGETHER!" and the guy said, "i'm sorry...i don't know what to tell you. i love becky. i don't love you anymore." and the wife was all "WHEN THE {BLEEP} WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME?! ON FACEBOOK?! HOW THE {BLEEP} COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" done. that's it. marriage ruined. via carson daly radio show. tacky tacky tacky.

it really put a damper on my friday. because i'm so sick of hearing about infidelity. weiner and his weiner, arnold the sperminator, tiger cheating on his model wife with a bunch of woof-ugly C'MON don't cheat on your spouse! it's a terrible awful horrible thing to do. i take marriage seriously--it should only be entered into by two people who are in love and want to commit to each other for life.

the radio show just made me sad. but then i thought about JJ. and i texted him and told him the story. and i said "who would YOU send the flowers to?" and he said "i would send them to this little cute as a button girl from small town Washington state." awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (that's me you guys).

anyway. don't cheat. not even in cards.


  1. That is the worst thing ever! But stupid for people to call in if they expect their spouse of cheating. Like, hello, now hundreds of people just heard all about your horrible marriage on live radio. But still. Who comes up with this junk?!

  2. SO agree! Even worse that Weiners wife is prego. Ghoddd! Ironic since the book we're reading is all about cheating. Are you are as disgusted as me? At least we'll have good discussions over skype with Pinot+Brie?!?! Xo.

  3. I'm so sick of hearing all the who's cheating on who stuff as well. Seriously people it can't be that hard to keep it in your pants and if it isn't then why on earth did you get married in the first place, PIGS!!! Looking gorgeous in your outfit, the flares suit you well

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. that segment is fake! they hire actors to read the scripts and improv some of it and ryan seascrest uses the same segment on his show and calls it ryan's roses.

  5. OMG whatever you do don't watch the movie blue valentine. It's the worst depiction of marriage ever. No cheating, but horrible!

  6. they have it in Phx too. On Weds. War of the Roses.


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