Tuesday, June 14, 2011

don't shit on my dream

dress: Anthropologie, cardigan: Nordstrom Rack, belt: BCBG, shoes: Marshall's

so remember mine and Nel's adoptive "Team Son" ?? well we have a habit of buying him really weird things. the first time i bought him socks and a deck of cards. (???) the second time i bought him dumb and dumber on DVD and headphones (and Nel bought him the game of horseshoes. she also bought him a whoopie cushion and fake dog poo but her husband B the Boss said no. wahhh). this time i bought him a Tony the Tiger t-shirt and an LED flashlight and jellybeans. the random weird things are in addition to some snacks and drinks. but now it's become a fun game for me and Nel to put together this goodie bag of odd things. and it's especially funny because he's never met us. he probs thinks we are a couple of 90-year-old senile blue-hairs.

today i got a giant purple pen streak on my new pink leather purse. i googled "how to get ink stains out of a leather purse" and it said to use hairspray or nail polish remover or a Mr. Clean magic eraser. i didn't feel like buying a Mr. Clean magic eraser so i tried hairspray and nail polish remover. the purple is fading, but in its place is a bleached stripe. sigh. i haven't even owned the damn thing for a month.

in other news, i ate a rice krispie treat with a texas flag and a longhorn on it. my coworker brought it back from her trip to Dallas. ALSO, i'm "THIS" close to getting hired full-time and permanently (i'm still a temp bulghhhhhhh) at Claremont, so everyone send me good vibes, ok? because i really want my own business cards. (although they aren't going to be as cool as Mark Zuckerberg's...((BTW DID YOU HEAR HE'S ENGAGED?!?! you go Mark!)) whose cards read CEO, Bitch. now THAT'S a title). yes, business cards and also i would just really like a salary. i texted JJ this morning "if i get the job....CHANEL BAG HERE I COME!" and JJ texted back "that would be silly, L." and i sent him "DON'T SHIT ON MY DREAM ASSHOLE" with an angry red face emoticon. he's so rude.

a Chanel bag would mean that i have made it in life. it was always my goal to get a Chanel before creating spawn. i need it. it would make me so cool. in every facet. SO, i'll keep you updated. 



  1. Cutest outfit ever, but what the hey is wrong with old blue hairs? I am getting very angry!!!

  2. this is prob my fav outfit you've ever posted. you look stunning!

  3. Love, love, love the ensemble. Blue's your color lady :) xo!

  4. GIVE ME YOUR DRESS!!! you look so so so pretty!!!!!!!!!!! if we weren't married i would date you. i'm only being honest here.

  5. You are SO funny! I totally agree with the Chanel bag. Men just don't understand!


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