Monday, June 27, 2011

flip flops SUCK

dress: Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's, cardigan/heels: Target, belt: Express

Cleo is the best. she was sitting patiently at the door staring at me with her sweet brown eyes and her cocked head waiting for me to call her. so i did. and she ran right to me and then we snuggled.

VOTE VOTE VOTE on my poll to the right. and i finally got a blog email. so you can send me private love notes and hate mail, k? also SOUR GUMMI WORMS RULE, i'm glad the majority of my readers agree.

you want to know something about me? i hate, like HATE hate ABHOR flip flops. i absolutely cannot wear them. i think they are hideous and i can't stand them smacking the bottoms of my feet when i'm walking. that being said, i own a pair of Rainbows. my sisters bought them for me for my birthday one year. and each summer i look at them and i just want to give them a try. like really just put them on and have a walk. AND EVERY YEAR I REGRET IT. and here's why:

they're so dumb! my feet don't even go all the way in. they just slip off. stupid, stupid shoes. they're just so worthless. JJ and i took Cleo on a short jaunt to the gas station to get milk (what?) and i wore these flip flops. about halfway into into the walk i hated my life. the stupid shoes were so uncomfortable and kept slapping my heels and were just all around annoying. so i stopped cold and whined to JJ about my dumb shoes. i demanded that he carry me the rest of the way to the gas station and back. he didn't. how rude.

anyway, we got home and i did what i should have done years ago (sorry sisters):

  good riddance you assholes.

also, JJ just farted into the fan and it blew right in my face. then he laughed. my life is just bliss.


  1. I dont blame you on the flip flops. This will sound wierd, but since you posted a pic of your favorite undies, I always look at your pics and wonder what undies youre wearing. lol

  2. are you KIDDING?! send me your rainbows! don't throw them away! i wore mine to prom, to my wedding, and every blessed day in between. i agree with you on the ugly thing (both prom and wedding dress covered them completely)...i think flip-flops are hideous. but ooooh boy they're comfy. like PJs for my feet. what do you wear to the beach? and JJ should get slapped for his inappropriate flatulence.

  3. Your marital bliss, especially the gas, sounds like mine! What is it with boys and their poots?

  4. I've never seen flip flops fit anyone's feet like that. I think it's your feet not the flip flops.

  5. I heart your hair! so much, in fact, that you were the inspiration photo for my haircut today! I need (yes, need!) to know if your hair is naturally curly or straight? thick? mines straight and thin and i had side-y bangs but now i have uber fab 12-yr-old bangs. hooray!


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