Wednesday, June 15, 2011

freak flag flying high

skirt: BCBG, sweater: Banana Republic, shoes: Jessica Simpson, sunglasses: Gucci

that plum is from JJ's parents' tree. yummers!

you know those times when you get caught being weird?

JJ was working and i wasn't expecting him home for a couple hours. i took a shower with Cleo and after we got out, i decided to give my dog a mohawk.

and not 10 minutes later JJ walked in. and there i was....caught in a compromising position: naked on the floor straddling a dog with a pair of scissors and a bottle of herbal essences spray gel. JJ just stood there and shook his head. i said "LET ME EXPLAIN!" but then there was nothing to explain. if i said "i'm just giving Cleo a mohawk," it wouldn't have made me look any saner. so i just laughed maniacally and continued cutting and spraying and creating.

he married a total weirdo.


  1. maybe you are the next sweeney todd... ha :)

  2. Ahahaaha this is so my life!


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