Saturday, June 25, 2011


 jeans: F21, blouse: F21, top: Nordstrom, shoes: Old Navy

i wrote this yesterday:

friday! wheee! i love friday. and i especially love fridays when i leave work early to go to the Britney Spears concert with Nel on a whim.

my work has a water dispenser. and every couple of weeks the water guy comes and replaces our empty jugs of water with new ones. he's a nice enough guy. always says "hello" and such. but today something happened that made me not really like him all that much anymore.

he walked into our bathroom while talking on his phone (i'm sitting in the office that shares a wall with the men's room). i heard him pee while ON THE PHONE. then....he flushed. and he just walked out. OMFG YOU GUYS HE DID NOT WASH HIS HANDSSSSSSSSSSSS EWEEWWEEWWWWWW GRODY GRODY GRODY GRODY. i'm seriously going to barf. then he walked back with the new jugs of water and got his pee/weenie germs all over them. because let's be honest, men have to hold their weenies while they pee. he literally went in there and held his weenie with his own hand and didn't wash it then touched our water jugs. and his hands and phone must be teeming with pee/weenie germs! isn't that gross? i IMed my coworker Marshy and she was all "omg i'm dying. GROSS!" what is wrong with people? honestly.

your lesson for today is: wash your hands after you go tinkle or poopoo. ghodddddddd. didn't we all learn that in preschool?

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  1. I just pee'd from reading this post and guess what? DIDN'T WASH MY HANDS. hahaha so funny/foul of that man


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