Sunday, June 12, 2011

hangar 24

 maxi dress: Old Navy, sweater: JCP, sandals: Steve Madden

African boho chic safari day! Nel and i went to Hangar 24 (which is a brewery) yesterday and we had VIP passes (all you can drink) and we had a brand new never-released beer! it was delicious. we went on the beer tour and they said they get all their hops from Yakima, WA and i cheered instinctively. if you're a beer fan, try Hangar 24! mmmmm!

JJ's parents and sister (+ her husband and kids) came to the Quakes last night--so much fun! we had enough food to stuff an elephant. and we stayed for the fireworks show after the game. 

go quakes! (i think they won...??) i've been to so many games and to be honest, i don't even pay attention. i just cheer when everybody else does.

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