Thursday, June 9, 2011

lunch is on me

maxi skirt: F21, blouse: Old Navy, shoes: Madden Girl, belt: Gap, necklace: Hawaii

this was my perfect night last night:

 if you're wondering how i eat the berries with the whipped cream: i pop one in my mouth and then spray the whipped cream directly in there. it makes the perfect little treat inside my mouth without getting my hands sticky. this is why JJ doesn't share whipped cream with me. he says i eat it like a neanderthal. rude.

today was a good day because i won something. FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. besides the crushed velvet orange monkey that smelled like China, whom i got at the fair because i actually made a ping pong throw in one of those fishbowls. total fluke! 

so we got these mystery gift cards at work to the Macaroni Grill. each card has anywhere from $5-$500 on them. so three coworkers and i went to lunch and we all whipped out our little Macaroni Grill gift cards. GUESS WHAT?! MINE HAD $50! and so i was able to finally do what i dream of doing when i'm rich (only it will be at the Ivy and everyone will have ordered quail eggs with Italian truffles and 3 glasses of Dom): "oh yes, everyone, i've got it this time," and reach into my (Prada) wallet and hand over my (black platinum plus) card and everyone will smile at me and think i'm the best person they ever met. it was a good feeling. 


  1. hahahaha, that is hilarious I cant picture you doing that It's something my kids would do which makes you even cuter

  2. That's my dream too! I actually did that at the bar after my grad party. I felt like ass the next day though beccause I spent $100 at a Yakima bar on a Sunday night. And because I don't have a job and can't afford my own drinks let alone everyone else's!!!!!


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