Tuesday, June 21, 2011

melted boots

 dress: i heart ronson @ JCP, vest: matty m, belt: Gap, boots: MIA, socks: Kate Spade

today i got to work and was all weirded out because there were NO cars on the street. i was like OMG did i miss an office memo that today is a holiday?! no such luck, in fact the street was bring re-paved. so i had to park like half a block away and WALK. ugh, rude.

anyway, i have been completely addicted to Target's Archer Farm brand feta and roasted red pepper dip. OMG HOLY F IT'S DELICIOUS! and i dip Archer Farms blue corn with flaxseeds tortilla chips in it. like i said, addicted. and totally healthy because of the flaxseeds, right? so last night i sadly realized we ran out at home (side note: JJ caught me licking the sides of the empty container. DAMMIT) so today at lunch i popped on over to Targie to get some more. and HEY! whaddya know, they had cold single diet dr. peppers in the check-out aisle. score! so then i drove back to work and sat in my car hunched over the chips and dip, shoveling them into my mouth while reading my book. i don't like to read my book in my office on lunch because then people come back and want to chat. i like the peace and quiet and warmth and familiarity of my bumper-less Volv. to me, that really is the perfect lunch break.

but alas, the perfection had to end at some point. so i walked back to my office after lunch, side-stepping the newly re-paved street. i felt something on the bottom of my boot. "oh nuts," i thought, "i have stepped in gum." so i got to my office and sat down with a paperclip to pick off the gum. nope, NOPE, not gum. in fact, MUCH WORSE THAN GUM. it was hot concrete sizzling and steaming, burning its way through the sole of my fudging boot. lsakdjflsajkdflkjasdf COME ONNNNNN, this cannot CANNOT be the end to my perfect lunch break. but it was.


  1. i think you mean hot asphalt. no? were they just crack sealing it or actually repaving? :)

  2. oh Sam, the paving expert LOL. hot asphalt, yes, that's what it was. hahahahhh

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the dip. Except not that specific dip (although now I'm going to check it out) but there is this dip at our grocery store that is cream cheese, jalapenos, and artichokes. I could eat the entire thing if my husband wouldn't force me to share. (Slave driver.) It's like they lace it with crack or something. I don't care, it's too good.


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