Wednesday, June 8, 2011

poor poor Cleo

pants: Marshall's, tee/cardigan: Target, shoes: Steven, belt: TJ Maxx, bag: UO

isn't Cleo the cutest dog in the whole wide world?! but she's had a bit of a rough day. 

when she comes with me places, she likes to be right there--in my purse. so this morning when i grabbed her to pose for a picture she got all excited because she thought she was coming with me. so so sad. poor little puppet. 

when my alarm goes off in the morning the first thing i do is call Cleo up to me. she loves to crawl up and yawn and wag her tail and just be adorable. and then i push snooze and we snuggle until the alarm goes off again. well, this particular morning when my alarm went off for the second time, it startled me and i jumped up. and the remote flipped in the air and headed straight for my soundly sleeping dog. it landed on her poor little tiny head. and it scared her. she skittered away from me.

then on the way to work JJ called me and said, "i just stepped on C's toe and she squealed and ran away from me." 

and tonight JJ was wrestling with her and smashed her ear. she yelped. poooooor poooooor Cleo has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. so to make it up to her i gave her a rice cake. which she choked on and coughed up. well, it's the thought that counts right?

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