Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SO annoying

chinos: Gap, tee: Target, vest: Converse, sandals: Kelsi Dagger

i'm completely OBSESSED with these sandals. they are the epitome of feminine. so many rufflessss. 

yesterday was a regular old monday. i didn't blog because JJ had the night off so i was relishing in his presence and annoying him (i.e. kept shutting his laptop when he was using it, snuggling obnoxiously, throwing a shoe in his general direction then hiding and giggling, etc). i succeeded in annoying him. 

and then the bachelorette was on, and WELL, i just really did not have ANY TIME to blog. (still rooting for JP--but Ashley's outfit choices KILL ME. and shut the fudge up about bentley OMG. she's just soooooo boring). but i like watching all the men. Nel and i text back and forth the entire show, it's just SO bad it's good, ya know? 
after the bachelorette while we were laying in bed i noticed something new about JJ's chest. this time last year he had but three chest hairs and 7 nipple hairs. NOW HE HAS WAY MORE. wtf? i thought i had married a bare-chested beauty. like, is this a continuation of his manhood? to grow more chest hair? i thought men only grew hair in their ears as they got older. i didn't know chest hair keeps popping up unexpectedly. so while i was laying there contemplating the mini forest growing on my husband, i absentmindedly tried to pull out one of JJ's chest hairs...what i didn't realize is that he was lolling into a deep sleep. he jumped up and shrieked. whoopsies. 

like i said, i succeeded in annoying him.

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  1. i have that tee! we're twinsies! miss you. #need new phone NOW!


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