Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sweeny todd

skirt: F21, tee: Converse, blazer: Wet Seal, shoes: JCP, necklace: i think it's Moon's...i've had it since we left college...hmmmm, sunglasses: Gucci

i'm so awkward in these pictures. the first one i'm all hunched over with a wrinkly belly like those one dogs. and the second one i'm getting into the car and i'm all shrunken down. just.......sigh. JJ had the day off and met me for lunch. these are taken right outside of my work. isn't that a pretty building?? you can hardly see it beyond my ass-ish self.

i'd like to give you the rare opportunity to let you all into my brain this evening. i will explain every detail in a very disturbing and drawn-out thought process i had this afternoon:

when i got home from work today i took a shower. and i shaved my legs. and while i was shaving my legs i thought to myself, "self, you need to replace your razor. because it's not sharp." and then i thought about how a sharp new razor makes me cringe because it's SO sharp. like, OHMYGOD how did men in the olden days shave their OWN FACES with a bare, sharp as shit razorblade?!?! and even FURTHER, how did they trust barbers to SHAVE THEIR FACES?! like, if i was a prominent wealthy societal man in the 18th or 19th century, i would NOT trust some rif-raf barber with a sharp straight razorblade to my THROAT! AM I RIGHT?!?!?! which made me think of sweeny todd and how i would NEVER see that tim burton movie (or any tim burton movie for that matter). which made me think of how many REAL murders there have been via barber shave. and then i wondered if maybe sweeny todd was a real person that the musical was based upon. and then i cut my knee in the shower. and thought that it was really a weird coincidence that i just cut myself while shaving WHILE thinking about sweeny todd.

do you see why i have nightmares??


  1. blerg i'm with you on tim burton! no me gusta. you look HOT though!

  2. I love your blog! Sweeney Todd freaks me out as well. I watched the first five minutes of the movie and then I couldn't handle it and started pacing, waiting for someone to die. Stressful!

    PS I totally visited CGU a couple months ago - I thought about applying to one of their programs (Arts Management) and I loved the campus. I'm bummed I missed out the Cheese Cave though. it probably sounds like something that could've swayed my choice to go there. =)


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