Saturday, June 18, 2011


 dress: GO International, sandals: Target, sunglasses: Ralph Lauren, backpack: Miss Gustto

that's my new backpack. i'm obsessed with it. i got it from it is the perfect size and it's adorable. 

this morning JJ, Cleo and i rode our bikes to Nel and her husband B's house to let their terrorist chihuahua out to tinkle (Nel and B are in (on?) Catalina this weekend). the last few times Coco graced my presence he was........not very excited to say the least. he's an old man dog, and it really takes him a while to like someone. he's not like airhead Cleo who would go running up to a miscreant holding a gun and a sack of cocaine wagging her tail, and licking his combat boots. (srsly, she totally would). Coco needs time to trust someone. this morning we tied Cleo up outside next to the bikes and JJ and i went inside to let Coco out to run. i came in armed with puperoni treats and OMG he didn't even bark at me! he wagged his tail and snuggled with me on the couch. he totally loves me now. but he does does does NOT like JJ. so i had to send him away outside with Cleo. hahah.  i don't like when beings (people or dogs) do not like me, so i consider this morning a total feat. 

this afternoon JJ and i went to Jared to get links taken out of my watch. it's a gold timex that i bought at Urban Outfitters on sale for like $20. the watch guy at Jared was NOT impressed. it took him 25 minutes to fix my watch. he said, "well, with an expensive watch, the pins just come loose when i work on them, but your watch..." and he trailed off. WTF DUDE?! he basically called me a cheap ass because i don't own one of those stupid Switzerland watches that runs by sunlight. RUDE. but, he did fix my watch. and he also shined my wedding rings and said he wouldn't charge me for anything if JJ promised to buy all of my future jewelry from him. and so i thanked him and mentally picked out myself a beautiful eternity band.


  1. love the ring shot- kinda goes along with this weekends theme :) our girls gettin' hitched- yahhoooooo!

    (love the cocaine and combat boots comment- you're a crack up!)


  2. I love your ring. It's gorgeous. Is it a diamond? Almost looks like one of the stones is a different color...Anyways, I found your blog from Pinterest and I'm in love! You're hilarious girl and I love your style! Will definitely be checking out your blog from now on :)

  3. Hi! Thanks! I'm flad you like my blog! Yes, they're diamonds...three little flower shapes clusters :) the ring belonged to my husband's grandmother!

  4. lacie, wtf is your hand on???? a sheepskin rug???? lol


  6. you look gorgeous in this outfit!


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