Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

this week it looks as if me and Nel are dating. we saw a lot of each other last week. hahhhaahaha

JJ watching in anticipation for Jeff to take off his mask on the Bachelorette (he'll kill me for this teehee)

my new work ID card. i look like a total douche. 

this is the Cucamongross' finest: the tropical lei exotic dancer club. i drive by it everyday on my way to work. they always have hilarious phrases on their sign. this week it's "temporary wedding vows performed." last week it was "it feels good. just do it."haaaaaaaaahhaa

real guy at Tim McGraw concert. REAL GUY. HE REALLY WORE THAT. 

all i ever wanted in life was to be this comfortable...

MY CHEESE CAVE SANDWICH AND LITTLE PICKLE!!! (that i may or may not have had AGAIN today for lunch with JJ)

CONGRATS TO NEL FOR QUITTING HER JOB! almond champagne and cupcakes to celebrate!

i had to stare at these cupcakes all day at work and not eat them. it was really really hard not to eat them. 

last thursday i reached into my food cabinet to make a sandwich. and this is what i pulled out. MOLDY BREAD NOT OKAY. so i had to use the heels. and the last piece of hard cheese in the fridge. the WORST. 

Nel and me at the Quakes game friday. we got hungry. the people next to us left a half-eaten bag of peanuts behind when they went home early.........so................OBVIOUSLY WE ATE THEM.


country girls shake it for me!

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