Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

my new Targ sunglasses. they're sort of cat-eye-ish. and they were only $12.

Cle & Me at bark in the park last week. 

my $14.99 white horse black blanket outlet (or whatever that store is called) purchase. actually, JJ's mom bought them for me. i love em! i really do think a mary jane is the sexiest kind of shoe.


so i have this Fashion in the 21st century day-by-day calendar and this was Friday's little gem. i mean would you look at the package on this guy?! SHEESH!

a shot of my new backpack. i didn't realize until i sent it to Nel that i wasn't wearing any pants.

my sexiest underpants. 

did you know Nel and i have matching tattoos? since i got mine, i know three people that copied me. aren't i such a trendsetter?! 

OMG! JJ and i are totally the promotional couple in the new Coeur d'Alene Resort wedding brochures! we feel like stars. 

my two faves snugglin'

that is Nel's old man dog Coco. see him eyeing my hand like it's a piece of meat? JK he is completely in love with me now.

 we went to JJ's parents' house for Father's Day. we went to diner at the Country Club. before we left, JJ said, "we will just put Cleo in the laundry room." i said, "OH NO WAY DUDE, she'll tear that shit up!" and he was like "no she won't it's fine." i was all "YES SHE WILL JJ OMFG SHE HAS ANXIETY! she'll totally freak out. let's just leave her in the car, parked in the shade with the windows cracked." JJ said, "no, it's FINE." and JJ's Dad said, "it's fine, if she scratches the door, we'll just repaint it." and his Mom said, "really it's fine, what could she possibly do?" and i said, "OK, well if she wreaks havoc, it's on YOU GUYS." well, we got home an hour and a half later to a giant pile of barf and this. THIS. torn up molding. shredded molding actually. IS THAT REAL?! YES, BECAUSE I TOLD THEM SOOOO. i made JJ clean up the mess. and then i scolded the dumb dog. and his Mom and sister Claude (normal Cleo abstainers) said, "OOOOOHHHH DON'T YELL AT THE POOR BABY DOGGIE, SHE HAD ANXIETY AND WAS SCARED, POOOOOR LITTLE CLEO, COME HERE YOU SWEET SWEET DARLING DOGGIE." what? NOW you like her? now that she's torn up your laundry room? christ.

 JJ's Mom babying Cleo after i yelled at her.

JJ's sister Claude babying Cleo after i yelled at her. (this is the first time Claude has ever even acknowledged her, let alone pick her up! LOL)


  1. I'm dying over the wedding brochure. GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I'm in shock about a lot of things... the wedding brochure (swoon), cleo's destruction, Claude holding Cleo, your Bridget Jones undies (not that shocking actually). I agree with your mom. Love this!

  3. fyi: I seriously thought that first pic was me for a minute. weird!

  4. Your sunglasses are very Kourtney K! Love!

    Claude is my kind of girl!


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