Tuesday, June 28, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

 Cleo is so spoiled. and she never ruins any of her toys. most dogs rip apart a stuffed animal until the squeaker is found. not Cleo. she will nibble and suck on her toys, but never fully chew. when we pour out her toy basket like this she doesn't know what to do. she is beside herself with glee. she picks one up, runs a lap, picks another, runs a lap, etc. etc. it's so cute i could die.


but then JJ went to Target and bought me a bigger and better rack for my dresses.

 Cleo looks hilar snuggling on JJ's suit.

bruised knees. from banging them on the railing in front of us at Britney. 

Nel found this at the hotel. it's a cassette. that reads "an affair to remember 5-24-92" LOLOLOL

it's Britney bitch. me and Nel.

the disgustingly creepy random tile in our shower. like, what? WHAT IS THAT?!?! a cartoon sleepy boy child carrying around his teddy. alsdfljsdfaal;dfsd 

 and that was the hole above our bed. we totally booked our hotel last-minute on hotwire and it was a GHETTO ramada inn. and we thought that was a peep-hole. we had to look into it to double check. it was just a regular hole in the wall, THANK GOD.

pink cookie.

i was sitting at my desk. and i just happened to look down. and saw this. HOLY F HOW LONG WAS MY BELLY HANGING OUT?!?!?! you'd think i'd have felt the breeze...


Cleo keeping watch.

 my new stiletto tape dispenser :)

b spears. fabulous. 80s perm hair and all.

Miss Foxy Cleopatra munchin on a fake melon.

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  1. I have 80's curly hair ad=nd you had better by God love it!


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