Wednesday, June 1, 2011

will not shut up

tee: Juicy Couture

today is a day in which i wore something very ugly to work. i was in a grumpy ass mood this morning and so i just didn't care what i wore (i.e. ill-fitted slacks and a boring top). i looked like an unfashionable soccer mom. but alas, we can't be cute EVERY day, right guys??

instead i went straight home after work and put on one of my favorite tees. i got it from Santa an it says "will not shut up." my family has this thing where they tease me about being loud and chatty and sometimes obnoxious. (Pappy's favorite thing to say: "dammit L, you could be the fire alarm for the whole town of Selah. all you'd have to do is stand on a hill and yell!" thanks, Pap). so i got this tee from Santa this last year for Christmas and everyone laughed and said "that's the perfect shirt for L!" and so it is. i quite like it. it's cozy and soft, and it really is kind of funny.

off to snuggle with Cle, eat some brie cheese and watch last night's episode 16 and pregnant.

1 comment:

  1. I love that shirt! Reminds me of when you started saying your wedding vows, and it was so loud the whole church started laughing. It was cute :)

    You should see the terrible outfits I wear most days. When you're getting kinda dirty and wearing a chef coat, jeans and a little t-shirt are almost like a uniform for me! BORING, but it would be silly to dress any nicer and just wreck the clothing!


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