Monday, July 18, 2011

2 years!

skirt: F21, top: Old Navy, socks: Rodarte for Target, boots: Target

happy anniversary to me and JJ!!!!!! two wonderful crazy years with my weirdo soulmate. thank GOD i found someone as off-the-wall as me. heeeee it was a lovely day. work went by like a flash and i officially applied for the permanent position and fingers crossed, everything goes well.

i have a lovely friend Malaiks (pronounced mah-likes) who offered to keep me company on my own anniversary, since JJ had to work (tomorrow night JJ and i are going to go out to dinner to celebrate). she let me pick a restaurant and we went out to dinner and to the Quakes game. and JJ had little chats with us. and then the Quakes went into extra innings! just for mine and JJ's anniversary! sooooo not amused. stupid baseball season. 

anyway, i was thankful to have a friend on our anniversary...because LORD KNOWS i'd have been drinking my lonliness away in bed watching the bachelorette (SHH! don't tell me what happens, i'm going to watch tonight's episode tomorrow after work!)

so now i'm home, waiting for JJ to get here and watching seinfeld--Cleo is all snuggled up and i just brushed my teeth and---OH! JJ JUST GOT HOME. he he. gotta go love up on my husband now, bye bye! 

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