Thursday, July 14, 2011

big time awesome weekend

pants: Gap, blouse: F21, sweater: Target, shoes: Urban

tonight i am home alone. JJ is at work. if you're a serial killer please don't use that to come and find me and chop me up. k thnx.

since i'm alone tonight, i'm abandoning all things that need to be done and snuggling up in bed eating popsicles and catching up on my television shows. it's the perfect night.

i have a BIG TIME AWESOME weekend planned while JJ is working. i'll share with you:
friday: go to work. go let Coco Bean out to pee (dogsitting again for Nel) and maybe have a beer on her couch and watch Frasier. go home. hang out. go to bed.

saturday: go to HP7PT2 alone.

sunday: clean Cleo's wee stains from the carpet. 

don't you wish you were going to be partaking in all that goodness with me?!?!!?!!!

1 comment:

  1. MJ is at a golf tournament, so last night I had sweet potato fries and popcorn for dinner. healthy. your weekend sounds about as awesome as mine.


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