Sunday, July 17, 2011

bye bye harry

shorts: Abercrombie, tee: H&M, sperry topsiders, magenta roots: wtf?

this morning JJ got to spend with us. we slept in (8:00), had coffee and took little Cleo to the park. but it was too hot. instead of playing around and running, she just sat in the shade all cute like this: 

then JJ had to go to work, so i went to HP7 part 2. and it was so SO good. and i wore my fat pants and snuggled up in my chair and had popcorn and watched, enraptured. at the end of the movie i found myself tearing up, salty droplets of water slowly falling down my cheeks. i am so sad it's all over. no more harry potter. NO MORE. wahhhhhhhh. and by the way, it was totally creepy seeing harry as an old man dad at the end. because i had a crush on him. he looked very handsome and manly and i maybe wanted to kiss him. and then i cried a little more because harry isn't supposed to be a hot man, he's supposed to be a cute boy child. sigh. and then the lights came on and i got embarrassed sitting alone amongst the pre-teens with splotchy red eyes. so i quickly wiped my face and walked out of the theater with my head down. watching the last movie makes me want to start from the beginning and read all the books again. 

my hair is a disaster. i went in to get the bottom dyed back to blonde again. only my hair is so fried. so it looks like yellow straw. i'm going to try some hydrating masque, but if that doesn't work, i'm going to have to cut it. gahhhhh. and then i tried to dye my roots close to my natural color so that i don't have to be so dependent on my hair appointments. it's getting pricey. so i thought i'd follow the ombre trend. and it just backfired on me and turned magenta. so annoying. so i've got yellow straw ends and magenta roots. grody. GHODDDD being blonde is very difficult. my life is so hard. SO hard. wah, everyone feel bad for me.

in approximately 3 minutes, JJ's parents will be here so we can all go to the Quakes game together. so, until tomorrow. happy sunday.


  1. Love that top, your dog is adorable!

    xo Maddy

  2. Love the stripes! Try to resist dying your hair a dark colour , you'll regret it more than cutting (well I did anyway). x hivenn

  3. I was always against being a brunette. but my hair was the star of fright night & i went reaaaallyyy brunette. & i love it. In fact, I almost like it more now.
    Just saying :)

  4. Cleo is a beaut!! You look so chic in that outfit, love that top. Totally devastated at the end of HP too, lots of tears!xxx


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