Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the dip

dress worn as skirt: early bday present from KitKat! top: Nord Rack

i hope you liked today's joke. heheheheheeeee i die. i think i'm going to tell some more jokes on the ol blog. since the hungover housewife is sort of too busy to waste her weekends away with wine. whoops! 

so. last time i went home my parents had this dip at their house. i was hungry one day and rummaging around the fridge when i came across it. i saw the word "jalepeno" on it and snatched it and a bag of pita chips. i took the first bite and HOLY SHIT it's like eating a piece of happiness.


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg. OMG. this dip is the best dip in the WORLD! it's from costco. JJ and i picked up a tub on friday with some naked pita chips and the dip was GONE by sunday morning. we ate so much of it. but here's the good part: it's YOGURT dip. so that means it's totally healthy right?!?!?! right. we ate the whole tub. in less than one weekend. and now i'm sitting here at home, and we are talking about where to go for our anniversary dinner celebration and all i can think about is that GOD DAMNED DIP! five star Italian food? pshhh, nope, i want the dip! but i told JJ that just now and he got annoyed. so now i have to pretend that i am not craving this dip with every fiber of my being and say how much i am looking forward to our fancy night out.


  1. holy shit. i just bought this dip too and it changed my life! i bought mine on saturday night and it was gone by monday. i realized as i was scraping the bottom of the container with the remaining flax seed chips crumbs i had left, that I ATE that by myself! i was supposed to share with my husby, but i guess that yogurt crack took over and i scarfed the dip like a rabid animal instead.


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