Thursday, July 21, 2011


pants: F21, tank: JCP, sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, shoes: Libby Edelman

this outfit is so girlieeeeeeeeee i enjoy being a girl.

today was quite an uneventful thursday. except that i did some sweet deal shopping at H&M on my lunch break. i got two dresses, a sweater, a blouse and a pair of sunglasses for $34. i LOVE a good deal!!! and because i spent my lunch break shopping, i ate two pieces of stale, hard cheese with mustard on them for lunch. gross. BUT DON'T WORRY I HAD THE BEST DINNER EVER BECAUSE WE WENT TO COSTCO AND BOUGHT TWO YES TWO JUGS OF THE DIPPPPP. i'm so thrilled. also JJ made me get my car washed today. since it's been like 2 years. and it's all sparkly and shining and smells like pina colada now.

i got these shoes yesterday and I'M OBSESSED with them. i feel like they represent me: 

anyway, today JJ and i had an email chain. he told me that our paychecks went into our account. JJ said, "frugality is what we want. no more silly purchases (this includes credit card)." and i said, "of course. but i really need red jeans." because i do. then i clicked out of gmail because i didn't want to see his response. (where should i get red jeans by the way?? anyone have any ideas?? there are cute ones at Urban but they are online only. and ultimately pricey with the tax and shipping)

one last thing. I JUST LOVE THIS TSHIRT:


  1. LOVE that outfit!! And what is it with men and car washes? The rain takes care of that, duh!

  2. What about hot pink instead?!


  3. OOOOOOH i like these hot pink ones!!! thanks :)

  4. I bought the dip. It's like crack. Good tip! :D :D

  5. Hot pinks are butt ugly on and even more disturbing is the clientele in hot topic - don't ever go in there!!!! OMG TJ Maxx is my new fav store!!!!!

  6. I really love this post I will visit again to read your post in a very short time and I hope you will make more posts like this.

  7. That is quite surprising... I have never heard of that before reading your post!
    It makes me quite puzzled and angry too!


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