Wednesday, July 13, 2011

joe's apartment

pants: Marshall's, shirt: Abercrombie, tee: BCBG, shoes: Jessica Simpson

our garage is infested with cockroaches. INFESTED! i saw one skitter away across and into our camping chairs. and THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW! the exterminator is coming to spray on friday morning. i thought i could do it myself, but i just can't. i keep having dreams that i live in Joe's Apartment remember that movie?!? omg. those effing disgusting cockroaches. GET OUT OF MY LIFEEEEEE. 

today i had a rough day. like i just felt on the verge of frustrated tears all day. know what i mean? i couldn't even pinpoint why. i was just in a rut. all i wanted to do was crawl home and snuggle in my bed all day. but i did read my book during my lunch break and it brightened my life a little. i'm reading The Help so that i can see the movie when it comes out next month. i absolutely CANNOT see a movie that's based on a book that i haven't read. no wayyyyy.

JJ and i went to DQ for a cherry dip cone (yummmmmmmm!!!) and took Cleo for a nice long walk and to the park where she romped around with two other pups. she is totally konked out on the bed right now. so cute. i love my little fammmmmmmily.


  1. Shut up! I'm reading The Help right now too!!! We're cool.

  2. I'm reading The Help too! SO GOOD! I know what you mean about "frustarated tears" - must be in the water :( xo.

  3. love the photo of you+jj+cle!!! DARLING.


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