Thursday, July 28, 2011


dress: Gap, belt: from Sissy M's wedding!, shoes: Ross

last night me, JJ, my friend Angel, and JJ's friend Pharmacist went to the dodger game. OF COURSE we went to little tokoyo for sushi and mochi beforehand. it was fun! except i was SO unlucky...

 it's always been a dream of mine to get on the jumbotron. ALWAYS. i just want to be on the screen once in life. it would thrill me beyond belief. and if i got to choose, i would choose the kissing cam. because i think it's adorable. well, last night we got to our seats and there were 4 little shit teenagers in them. instead of making them move, JJ just said we'd sit right behind them. fine. whatever. NO NOT FINE. WANT TO KNOW WHY!?!?! BECAUSE THE CAMERA MAN PUT THE TWO TEENS IN MINE AND JJ'S SEATS ON THE KISSING CAM JUMBOTRON. THAT'S REAL. thunder stolen. dreams crushed. and i waved and waved and said, "hey guy! do me and him! puhleeeeeaseeeee!" and he looked me in the eye and then he walked away. and that was it. those asshole teens who sat in our seats stole my spotlight. MY chance at stardom. MY dream. and on MY birthday week. 

i left dodger stadium with a heavy heart last night.  


  1. oh no!!! i'm sorry! i would put you on the jumbotron if i were the cameraman :(

  2. What is this jumbatron you speak of?

  3. thanks B! eloise: 1. i love your name and 2. the jumbotron is the big screen at sporting events that show close-ups! they have a feature at dodger stadium where they zoom in on couples who have to kiss for the camera! and i realllllly want to be on it!!!

  4. Belt is cute, but I have a better one for you, but you have to call me and suck up before I send it!


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