Friday, July 15, 2011


jeans: William Rast, top: Gap, bracelets: F21, necklace: Target

h. H is for hansen. that's why it's hanging on that closet door. because it's our last name. 

you guys, The King Fool JJ has lost his wedding ring...

i saw that i had two missed calls from him and a text this afternoon. the text said, "something really bad happened, i hope you'll still love me." and i panicked. i ran outside and called him right away and called him and said, "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!" and he told me that he lost his wedding ring. i mean crimany. CRIMANY. my heart was pounding because i thought he had run over the dog or lost his job. the lost ring really isn't that big of a deal in comparison to what i was thinking. honestly i'm surprised it's taken him this long to lose it. he's always twirling it around on his finger and messing with it. he even lost it momentarily in Hawaii until my sister found it laying in the sand. SO, goodbye old ring! i'm ordering him a new one right now. a shitty one from that costs $50. and i'm engraving "if found please return to my hott wife" on it.  

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