Wednesday, July 20, 2011


skirt: JCP, tee: Target, booties: Charlotte Russe

JJ went to costco after work today to get more dip. except they wouldn't let him buy it with my card. so he had to leave, empty-handed and publicly embarrassed. poor guy. when he got home his leg was all bloody. they had a staff softball game and he slid into third. and got 5 yes FIVE wounds. and so i cleaned them and nursed them up with neosporin and gauze. but ten dollars says he will still manage to get blood on the sheets. HONESTLY, he doesn't even have a period, yet always gets blood on our sheets. it's ridiculous.

omg i didn't tell you what we got each other for our anniversary! we do the traditional gifts, it's really fun. year two is cotton. so this is what i got us him:

aren't those ADORABLE?! king and queen bee pillowcases :) the queen has a bigger crown teehee. i love them. they are so soft and so cute.

here is what JJ got us me:

matching fluffy robes with our initials! he's so sweet. what a thoughtful and wonderful gift. (srsly i apologize for the mess that is our bathroom--it's baaaad!!!) i just love these robes. and i love that we both bought gifts for ourselves. while i was taking this picture he said, "now, don't go putting this picture on the blogosphere..." and i said, "oh, no, of course not."



  1. You just look so regal in those robes, especially with the hair towel.

  2. I love those stinking pillowcases. I don't have a king to lay his head, but I still want to run out & buy them. ha
    I also love that he got you a gift that is totally something you'd have bought yourself in sneaky secret surprise style

    who loves you baby? JJ.

  3. Great gifts! Are the pillows from Etsy???

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  5. love this! the traditional gifts with an un-traditional spin! brilliant! good job Jer on the robes..he did good! My 4 year is coming up and traditional says "fruit or flowers" which I honestly wouldn't mind! yay me! xoxo.

  6. OMG DAVID WOULD BE SO JEALOUS OF THOSE ROBES! and so impressed with JJ's taste. david loves nothing more than a good robe...and a good monogram. nice work, you two.


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