Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RIP Old Ash

dress: Calypso for Target, belt: BCBG, shoes: Marshall's

my plant. look at my plant. the one that has survived for a year without a drop of water. it's yellow and ugly and dying. and my flamingo is fading in color. so i'm going to start watering it, see if i can make it live. 

i wasn't actually going to buy this dress. but i was shopping with my sister CA and she was like "OMG this dress is so cute!" and then all of a sudden i got jealous and i liked it too. you know when that happens? your friend or sister picks something out that you normally wouldn't and you decide you neeeed it too. so that's what happened with this dress. and turns out i really like it! it's comfy and cute and i feel like i should be in mexico! arrrrrriba!

you guys. my childhood cat died. her name was Ashley. and she was 15. my parents heard her getting eaten by a coyote at 3 a.m. last night. they ran outside to scare the coyote away...but it was silent...too late. poor Ash. that's the worst way to die, being scared and ripped apart by a rabid beast. how did she last 15 years dodging the coyotes?! that's pretty amazing. which made me think about Chanel. and how she lives at my parents' house right now. and how she wouldn't last 30 seconds in a physical sparring with a coyote. since she hasn't any front claws or sense of danger. she's just slow and fat. so i told my mom to make very sure Chanel stays inside, safe from Ashley's fate. anyway, i'm a little sad today. childhood pets are the best, and now mine is gone. sigh.


  1. oh sorry about your kitty, sad :(

    love the dress! Makes me want a pina colada real bad!!! :)

    ps- is it raining there? That picture looks so dreary sad.

  2. Oh no poor Ashley! I never liked her, maybe that's why I feel sad.


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