Monday, July 25, 2011

The Shit Shots

today. i'm going to show you all the outfit pictures that JJ took that would normally NOT make the cut. just to show you what a complete ass i can look like. sometimes i look at fashion bloggers and i decide i want to punch them in the face because their pictures are too good. so i want to share the nasty:

1. WHAT IS THAT FACE?! i'm like gansta homie G there, demanding hookers and blow.

 2. i look OLD and MISERABLE here. i think i was in the middle of telling JJ "i'm really mad this plant died," and he captured my frustration.

3. The Smug Toe-Tapping Fool.

4. let me just cross my legs and tilt my head down so you can check out my greasy roots.

5. just please, you idiot. stop trying so hard to look cute. you lose.

6. little better here. but still mostly douchey.

 7. i got lucky and the flash went off so i chose this as the winner.
dress: Target, boots: Miz Mooz

JJ usually takes 5-7 shots every morning. and half are when i'm not paying attention. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. i just wanted to be real here and show you guys the Shit Shots. because they happen. every day they happen.


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    "gansta homie G there, demanding hookers and blow."

    PS - Nebular wants an iPad and then we will be able to play Words with Friends!!!!!


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