Tuesday, July 12, 2011

typing about dead men

i did a typing test today. just so i could know how many words i type per minute. i put "free typing test" into google and clicked the first link. i pressed the start button and started typing...and it was LITERALLY THE MOST CREEPY THING I HAVE EVER READ IN LIFE. see below:

"They used to hang men at Four Turnings in the old days. Not anymore, though. Now, when a murderer pays the penalty for his crime, he does so up at Bodmin, after fair trial at the Assizes. That is, if the law convicts him, before his own conscience kills him. It is better so. Like a surgical operation. And the body has decent burial, though a nameless grave. When I was a child it was otherwise. I can remember as a little lad seeing a fellow hang in chains where the four roads meet. His face and body were blackened with tar for preservation. He hung there for five weeks before they cut him down."

honestly, what is wrong with people? that is SO not the kind of thing you want to read during a typing test. it should be something about redwood trees or alaskan penguins. NOT MURDERERS BEING KILLED. totally put a damper on my day. now all i can picture in my head is a tarred man hanging from chains. gross. 

but in case you're wondering, i type 85 wpm.


  1. I'm glad you included your WPM. I totally thought you omitted it after all that & was going to ask. ha



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