Monday, July 11, 2011

WA wrap-up!

pants: J Brand, tee: TJ Maxx

like my crazy baboon hair in that first shot? omg! 

oyyyyy i'm so happy to be home to JJ and Cle. but i sure miss my sweet pacific northwest.  and its proximity to wonderful restaurants and wonerful lakes and wonderful family and friends. 

Rah picked me up from the airport and we hugged and screamed and laughed and had a lovely reunion.

then i went to see my elderly friend Dee, she was so excited. and i was equally excited to see her. i walked into RW, my old stomping grounds and saw one of the receptionists. she said hello and said i should pop back into the admin offices to say hi to my old boss. she was kind of acting weird, like she really did not wish to speak with me. PLUS, going to the admin office was NOT exactly what i particularly wanted, but i did. AND WHO SHOULD I RUN INTO?!?! WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO. none other than HORRIBLE POOP NAZI HERSELF. i mean, could my luck be ANY worse?! i really despise that old harried woman who is so rude. but i thought i would be kind and say hello. she eyed me up and down with a fake half-smile and muttered, "oh, hi." we proceeded to have an awkward 40-second conversation that i thought would never end, then i turned on my heel and left. i wanted nothing more than to yell "YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE" over my shoulder, but i refuse to stoop to her level. i was nice and cheery. 

then i ran into an old maintenance friend of mine and he said, "so yeah, i guess there was a whole hullabaloo about the article you wrote...i guess you were trash talking RW." SO THAT'S WHY PN WAS BEING SO RUDE AND THE RECEPTIONIST WAS SHORT WITH ME. and everyone else who used to be my coworker. they all just sort of ignored me. i did not trash talk RW, the article wasn't even about RW, it was about Dee. ghodddddddddddddddddddd. i don't even work there anymore and they still manage to be a bunch of jerks.

ANYWAY, the next day i got to visit M, S, Baby P and their mother. it was SO good to see them. it also happened to be the birthday of S. so i got to love up on them and go to petsmart to help him pick out his Birthday Beta fish and help set up his birthday party. it was absolutely lovely. it's so hard to say goodbye to them. wahhhhhh!

then it was on to girls' weekend!!!!!!! Rah, Sweet E, Sand and Min and i had an absolute BLAST! we made rummy bears and we went boating, we went to Big Al's Country Barn, did a HUGE puzzle, went out to dinner at a lesbian bar on accident....basically had the best weekend ever. and Nebular was such a good sport, being the designated driver (both car AND boat), and preparing us delicious meals! 

then sunday it was time to say goodbye. the girls left and Rah and i met Sabby for lunch at SF SOURDOUGH!!! Rah took me to the airport and i let a tear roll down my check as i watched Spoke fade from my view in the plane.

then my cute pups and wonderful husband picked me up from the airport and gave me lots of kisses. 

the end.


  1. How does one go to a Lesbian bar by accident? That is an experience this old lady has never had!

  2. your pants are too long, i came across this on pinterest and clicked on it thinking it was gong to be some handy tip on a quick or easier way to hem too long pants!


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