Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

the CDA Resort! :)

nice, DirecTV, very nice. one question, though: why the "wet" ?? wouldn't "horny MILFs: Totally Nude & Naughty" have pretty much been enough ??

walking Rah's party poodles (Benjamin Pierre on the left is a pugapoo and Francois on the right is a pomapoo)

i would have looked very Vogue in this pic if it weren't for the coors light can, no??

the girls and i finished a puzzle together at Rah's house. success!

Min, Sand and Sweet E on the boat

 Sweet E and me

chillaxin while Rah fondles the boat rope with her toes.

Rah's husband Nebular. obviously thrilled to be babysitting 5 drunk girls on a boat.


Cle got a haircut

me, Benjamin Pierre, Rah, Min...and that's Francois on Min's chest

my sister MM painted her dog Lola666's toenails LOLOLOL


crab benedict yummmmmmmmm

Lola666 and my Dad. she gets anxious in the car. so she sits on the driver's lap. hahah

Dee and Me!


  1. You and Dee both look sooo pretty!

  2. I LOVE THESE!!!! Can you just come back forever????

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