Sunday, August 21, 2011

the angry sharp chip

dress: F21, sweater: Target, belt: Wet Seal, sandals: Nectar

this picture is nice, right? well allow me to show you the disgustingness of my balcony in the pre-crop shot:

yikes. someone (ahem, JJ) needs to clean that balcony. 

this morning Nel and i caught the matinee showing of "the help" OMG. it's so good. it very closely follows the book and is absolutely wonderful. we laughed and we cried. that's a sure sign of a great movie. it was a really fun morning. plus we had popcorn for breakfast. and how can your day go wrong when it starts out with popcorn for breakfast?

well, wrong my day went. JJ got some chips and salsa from the mexican restaurant for dinner. and i got really excited about the chips and salsa. so i ate them too fast. and now i have a chip stuck in my throat. it really hurts. and i keep drinking water and clearing my throat but it won't go down. it's like wedged in there and it's so annoying and itchy. and i just keep picturing that anry chip scratching at my poor pink esophagus. wahhh.

i think i will snuggle up in bed and nibble on a carrot and have JJ be my servant. woe is me.

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