Monday, August 1, 2011

birthday bitch

dress: Betsey Johnson, socks: Gap, shoes: Europe

iiiiiiii'mmmmmmmm 25! it's the age i always thought was perfect when i was little. i believed it was the age when all good things (i.e. freedom, clothes and boys) came to a girl. now that i actually AM 25 i feel just......well, the same as i did last year. only with more cellulite and a newly discovered interest in landscaping.

my birthday was a great GREAT day. i woke up and JJ sang to me in his baritone voice that makes me pee my pants laughing. then i put on my favorite interview dress (shown above) that my Mom got for me when we went to New York in 2008. it's the cutest dress. a birthday dress for sure. i would have worn a crown all day but i had an interview. YES! for the real, live position at CGU. and basically i have the job. because i have been doing the work and have moved into office and such. it's a position in student accounts. students who need to pay their tuition come to me. to pay. and i post their payments to their account (among other things). SO, i had the interview and it went splendidly. (today i passed my background check--GUESS THEY DIDN'T FIND OUT ABOUT THAT BANK I ROBBED BACK IN 99 hahhhhh then tmrw my boss is going to discuss pay with HR yeee! good wonderful things happening for good ol L. when 8 months ago i was such a depressed unemployed loser who thought no one would ever hire me. funny how things work out just right!) anyway, my work was all hippy happy nice and excited that it was my birthday and i got wonderful little presents and balloons and doughnuts. it was a lovely day. AND OF COURSE JJ's present for me STILL isn't here wahhh 

friday night after work we went to JJ's parents and Cleo got stung by a bee on her paw. pooooooor littttttllleee bayyyybeeeeee. it was so sad. then his mom made a yummy dinner and his dad made a fire outside and his sister C and i sat out there and chit-catted and drank wine. then we went to bed. on saturday morning JJ and i left for santa barbara where we stayed at the bacara resort and it was fancy schmancyyyyyyy! we pulled up and JJ rolled down the window and said, "hello, where is the self park?" and the man said, "it's only valet here." and we were like "...........oh." so we hopped out of the car and grabbed our stuff. it was a parking lot full of expensive cars and nice looking humans carrying around matching rolling luggage.....then there we were...the Hillbilly Hansens. we exited from our honda with duffel bags. we checked in and got to our room and WHOAAAAAAAAA it was sooooooo nice. we felt like "the millionaaaaaire and his wiiiiiiiiife" (gilligan's island theme song obvi). 

and then we went to the beach:

and we had a LOVELY time. so lovely in fact that we went back down to the beach two more times in the short 24 hours we were there. but OMG you guys. the most embarrassing thing happened to us. we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday down at the hotel restaurant. we ordered a pellegrino and smiled at each other and opened the menu AND SHIT OUR PANTS. $78 YES SEVENTY-EIGHT DOLLARS A PLATE. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. we cannot CANNOT afford that. so i said, "okay, we just can't eat here. i'll just order a glass of wine and we'll leave." and i opened the wine menu AND SHIT MY PANTS AGAIN. $25 for the cheapest glass of wine. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkayyyyy. we looked around. the men were wearing white pants with sweaters around their necks. we realized we had to get outta there. we just did NOT fit in. we were so SO embarr. so JJ said to the waitress, "you know, this wasn't really what we were looking for, so sorry, we'd love to pay for the water, though." and the lady was really nice. and then she went away. and JJ and i stared at each other all red-faced and awkward. then the waitress came back and said, "you know what? the pellegrino is on us tonight" OMG like we couldn't even afford the pellegrino or something. so JJ and i got our Forever21/Target-clad asses out of there and drove into town to a family-owned Italian restaurant instead. phewwwww.

and yesterday JJ's parents had a pretty little party for me complete with pasta roma and ice cream cake! hurrah!!!


  1. I was laughing sooooo hard at this! Thank you!

  2. I consider this a success since you got free Pellegrino out of the experience...Happy Birthday!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA at least your WATER was free! lol david and i totally would have done that too. i'm so happy you had a lovely romantic fancy getaway! you deserve it with your superb job-getting skillz.


    Lovelovelove Pasta Romaaaaaa!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great birthday. Don't you wish you could spend every evening drinking wine on Anne & Ron's back patio? Good luck w/ the job!

  6. " and a newly discovered interest in landscaping. "



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